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Sysmex K1000- R2

Price: $3,995.00

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The Sysmex K-1000 a new class of automated hematology analyzer is distinguished by its space-saving design operational simplicity and small sample size requirements. The advanced technology and superior accuracy culminate to make the K-1000 a forerunner in diagnostic hematology analyzer. Within seconds the K-1000 not only analyzes 8 CBC parameters but also generates 10 additional analytical parameters plus WBC RBC and PLT histograms. In addition to its superior diagnostic technology comprehensive monitoring functions a data flagging system and a quality control program are all incorporated in the K-1000 to assure accuracy precision and reliability. Operating the K-1000 with confidence is easy because a variety of messages are displayed on the liquid crystal display and printed by the built-in printer. Furthermore the excellent cost-effectiveness of the K-1000 is an indispensable feature for efficient hematology testing.