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ABBOTT Cell-Dyn 3700 SL Hematology Analyzer

Price: $6,995.00

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The CELL-DYN 3700 offers advanced diagnostic capability for clinical laboratories. The instrument performs simultaneous optical and impedance measurements on white blood cells, and has been designed to choose the correct answer even in the presence of problematic specimens. This capability equates to better accuracy, less review and a higher number of reportable patient results. The CELL-DYN 3700 can be configured as a fully automated system including a sample loader or as a single sample closed system. The system provides a complete 23-parameter CBC at a rate of 90 samples per hour.

  • Parameters 25
  • 5 part Differential
  • Throughput 90 Samples/hour
  • Method Volume Impedance & Laser Flow Cytometry
  • Open or closed system available

ABBOTT Cell-Dyn 3700 SL Hematology Analyzer