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ABBOTT Cell-Dyn 3700 CS Hematology Analyzer

Price: $4,995.00

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The ABBOTT Cell Dyn 3700 CS Hematology Analyzer System is a multi-parameter, automated hematology analyzer developed for in vitro diagnostic use in clinical laboratories. Designed with its analyzer as the central unit, the CELL-DYN 3700 analyzer aspirates and dilutes whole blood specimens, transports and analyzes the prepared dilutions, and rinses fluidic components in preparation for the next specimen. The hematology analyzer generates hematologic measurements on EDTA-anticoagulated whole blood including WBC, NEU, LYM, MONO, EOS, BASO, RBC and HGB.

Depending on the laboratory’s requirements, users can choose between two versions: the CELL-DYN 3700SL and the CELL-DYN 3700CS. Equipped with an automated sample loader module, the CELL-DYN 3700SL analyzer offers continuous closed sampling for up to 100 times at a time.

  • Tube retainer with two quick adjust levers
  • Data station with flat panel display monitor, keyboard and CPU
  • Syringe assembly including WIC/HGB an WIC/HGB diluent syringes
  • Sample aspiration peristaltic pump
  • Waste chambers

ABBOTT Cell-Dyn 3700 CS Hematology Analyzer