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ABBOTT Cell-Dyn 3200 CP Hematology Analyzer

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The CELL-DYN 3200 is Abbott's compact automated hematology analyzer designed for the general hematology lab. The instrument employs dual technologies upon request to provide the basis for a 5-Part WBC Differential. CELL-DYN's patented Multi-Angle Polarized Scatter Separation (M.A.P.S.S.) technology provides the primary white blood cell count, all differential information, and a nuclear optical count that is used to provide additional information in the presence of fragile lymphocytes and hypotonically resistant red blood cells. The system also provides optical platelet and RBC analysis along with extended WBC and platelet linearity.

The CELL-DYN 3200 features an automatic start-up cycle designed to prime the flow system and check the background counts. The analyzer also automatically performs a shut-down cycle and places itself in standby mode. The CELL-DYN 3200 offers both open and closed sampling options on two instrument versions. The CELL-DYN 3200SL version includes the open mode and a fully integrated 50 position sample loader that can process approximately 70 samples per hour. The CELL-DYN 3200CP version offers single, closed tube sampling along with the open mode.
A high speed data management system offers patient report customization to include patient ID, 22 parameters, 6 limit sets, color cytograms, color histograms and a manual differential transcription grid.

ABBOTT Cell-Dyn 3200 CP Hematology Analyzer