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SIEMENS Selectra E Chemistry Analyzer

Price: $8,995.00

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Product Overview:

The SIEMENS Selectra E Chemistry Analyzer combines throughput (180 tests per hour; 300 tests per hour with ISE) with a true “walk away capacity” up to 4.5 hours. This products reagent volume is up to 30% less than most similar systems, giving the user substantial savings on reagent. Additionally, the reusable long-life cuvette-rotor is the only dedicated consumable required, saving the user significant amounts on numerous costly consumables required by other systems. The SIEMENS Selectra E Chemistry Analyzer has proven high reliability and limited need for maintenance parts.

Product Specifications:

Up to 300 tests per hour

Reagent system

  • Rotor with 24 positions for 25 ml bottles and 8 positions for 5 ml bottles. All positions can be assigned as R1 and R2. Adapters for 5 ml bottles in 25 ml positions. 5 pairs of 25 ml positions can be used for 50 ml bottles.
  • Reagent 1 volume 110 - 400 μI
  • Reagent 2 volume 0 -180 μI
  • Reagent disk compartment is cooled to approx. 12°c below ambient temperature.
  • Preheated reagent needle with level detection and integrated mixer.
  • Typical reagent consumption 250 μI per test

Sample system

  • Sample rotor containing an outer segment for 51 samples and/or calibrators and an inner segment for:
    • 3 stats;
    • 1 blank;
    • 9 calibrators;
    • 5 pediatric samples;
    • 4 controls;
    • 1 wash solution;
    • 1 ISE activator.
  • Continuous loading.
  • All positions can contain 5 ml primary tubes or sample cups.
  • Optional rotor for KABE and SARSTEDT sample tubes.
  • Sample volume 1 - 30 μI per test, programmable in steps of 0.1 μI.
  • Sample probe with level detection and integrated mixer.

SIEMENS Selectra E Chemistry Analyzer