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ROCHE Cobas Mira Plus Chemistry Analyzer

Price: $4,995.00

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Product Overview:

Roche Cobas Mira Plus is a fully programmable analyzer providing trouble-free operation, random-access testing and a broad test menu. Its integrated control panel allows operator select tests, evaluate results and program tests, profiles and system parameters. In addition, it has many automated features that include automated post-dilution, on-board reagent cooling and automated electrode calibration.

The system is a bench top analyzer with 104 programmable test channels. Its optional ISE module with new electrodes allows the automatic calibration of sodium, potassium and chloride levels. It has 72 cuvettes capacity and an analysis interval of 25 seconds. With Laboratory Information System (LIS) options, it provides results in the format that you request.

Product Features:

  • STAT testing capability
  • End point assay method
  • Variable rack system for calibrators, reagents, samples and quality control material
  • Closed primary tube sampling
  • Direct sampling capability
  • Photometric colorimetric optical system

ROCHE Cobas Mira Plus Chemistry Analyzer

ROCHE Mira Plus Chemistry Analyzer