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ROCHE Cobas Integra 800 Chemistry Analyzer

Price: $7,995.00

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Product Overview:

The ROCHE Cobas Integra 800 Chemistry Analyzer is designed to support you in achieving improved cost efficiency in an environment where the pressure to cut costs is constantly increasing. The ROCHE Cobas Integra 800 Chemistry Analyzer is an intelligent tool for more productive organization and processing of the daily laboratory workload, helping you to optimise use of available resources and eliminate unnecessary manual interactions. The Integra 800 also ensures security of the result quality. The reagents concept and quality combined with automatic system control mechanisms, like Pipetting Integrity Check, reduce reruns and manual handling of samples and reagents. The ROCHE Cobas Integra 800 Chemistry Analyzer is the right solution for workload consolidation and workflow optimization, especially for special chemistry and HBA1c testing in the high volumes sites.

Product Specifications:


  • Random and continuous access, sample selective analyzer
  • Integration of 4 measuring principles
  • 72 tests onboard
  • Absorbance Photometry: Enzymes and Substrates
  • Turbidimetry: Specific Proteins, Drugs of Abuse
  • Fluorescence Polarimetry: Therapeutic Drugs, Thyroid Tests
  • Ion-Selective Electrode
  • Potentiometry: Na+, K+, Cl– and Li+

Test Throughput:

Up to 855 tests/hr (including electrolytes)

Sample Types:

Serum, Plasma, Urine, CSF, Hemolysate and Whole Blood

Sample Handling:

Rack system for samples, calibrators and controls:
RD5 rack, RD15 rack, RD12+3 rack, Multi Rack; Roche standard rack and tray compatibility; In- and Out-Tray for 75 samples each;
Automatic predilution; User definable postaction 1 & 2: dilute or concentrate; Temperature controlled: calibrators and controls, 20°C (68°F) Samples below 32°C (90°F); Barcode reading via LED scanner, with immediate STAT recognition

Sample Container Types:

Primary tubes: 5 to 10ml; 16x100, 16x75, 13x100, 13x75mm with closed cap for systems with closed tube sampling option for HbA1c.
(please contact Roche for list of compatible suppliers); Hitachi microcup, 500µl; Hitachi standard cup, 1.5ml; COBAS cup, 650µl; Eppendorf cup, 1.5ml; Cup on tube definable

Sample Volume:

Typically 2 to 10µl per test, ISE indirect 20µl, ISE direct 97µl

Sample Barcode Types:

Code 128, Codabar, Code 2 of 5 interleaved, Code 39

Reagents Onboard capacity:

  • 68 cobas c packs, 50-800 tests per cobas c pack
  • Reagent compartment cooled to 8°C
  • Onboard stability up to 6 months, calibration typically each lot

User Defined Reagents:

Up to 5 Development Channels are available on request.

Reaction Cells:
Holds 3000 disposable cuvettes with 5mm path length, and 120-240µl reaction volume

Control Unit:

HP workstation with RISC processor running X Windows

System Interfaces:

RS 232 serial interface, bi-directional host interface, secured digital (web based) TeleService connection to Roche for screen sharing and remote help

Electrical Requirements:

100-125/200-240 Volts AC, 50 or 60Hz, consumption 1700VA

Physical Dimensions:

Width: 190cm (74.8in); Depth: 90cm (35in); Height: 120 cm (47.3in)
Weight 512kg (1126lbs)

Water Requirements:

5-7 liters per hour in operating mode, Type 1 NCCLS



ROCHE Cobas Integra 800 Chemistry Analyzer