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ORTHO CLINICAL DIAGNOSTICS Vitros 350 Chemistry Analyzer

Price: $9,995.00

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Ensure worry-free result reporting

• VITROS® technology reduces interference from hemolysis, lipemia, and bilirubin

• Short sample, clot, and bubble detection offers greater accuracy

• Disposable tips eliminate carryover and cross-contamination

• Continuous process verification ensures correct results the first time

• Fewer repeats, redraws, and dilutions than with wet chemistry

• Minimal chemical or infectious waste reduces biohazards

Labor Optimization

• “Load-and-go” reagent preparation, MicroSlide™ Technology and up to six months’ calibration stability mean labor can be redeployed for value-added tasks

• Minimal instrument maintenance

• Does not require deionized water, plumbing, or drains

• True random-access testing

• Minimal interference from hemolysis, lipemia, and bilirubin reduces the need for repeats and redraws

• Bar-coded slide cartridges of any lot number can be loaded in one easy step

• Automatic urine dilutions and on-demand serum dilutions mean fewer hands-on tasks

• New low-glare flat screen offers easy, touch-sensitive operation with enhanced ergonomics.

Enhanced Service Levels

• More than 40 on-board chemistries allow you to generate up to 300 results per hour* for much faster turnaround times**

• Wide, accessible onboard menu delivers immediate results for STAT or routine testing and disease-focused panels

• Dry slide technology and onboard dilution allow random testing of serum, plasma, and urine at any time

• Customized patient reports for physician office labs

• Primary tube sampling and optional positive sample identification (PSID) improves productivity and turnaround time

Cost Efficency

• VITROS® technology delivers predictable financials — and eliminates hidden cost, maintenance, and productivity issues associated with alternative technologies

• No plumbing, drains, vents or deionized water eliminates many costs associated with alternative systems

• Lower total costs with increased reportable result efficiency, fewer errors and interventions, and more effective staff utilization

• Small footprint requires less space and overhead expenses.


Measurement Principles: Potentiometric (direct ISE), Colormetric/Rate, Immuno-rate

On-Board Test Capacity: 3600 tests

Sample Types: Serum, Plasma, Urine, CSF

Sample Volume: 5-11 µL

Sample Capacity: 40 samples (4 trays of 10 samples)

Time for Single Results: ~ 2.5 to 8 minutes

Potentiometric: ~ 2.5 minutes

Colormetric: ~ 5 minutes

Immuno-rate: ~ 8 minutes

Sample Containers: 10mL, 7mL, 5mL, 2-4mL Collection Tubes, 1mL Microtube, Microsample cup and .5mL and 2mL

Sample Management: Clot Detection, Bubble Detection, Liquid Level-Sensing (Pressure Transducer), Short-Sample Detection

Automated Technology (optional): Includes automatic tip loading and deep tube sampling

Calibration: Extended; multiple lots supported

ORTHO CLINICAL DIAGNOSTICS Vitros 350 Chemistry Analyzer