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ORTHO CLINICAL DIAGNOSTICS Vitros 250 Chemistry Analyzer

Price: $5,995.00

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System Specifications:

Efficient and productive in multiple environments

  • Full menu backup to VITROS 950
  • Small footprint
  • Customized patient report for physician office laboratories
  • Optional positive patient identification (PSID) enables LIS interfacing
  • Automatic urine dilutions, on-demand serum dilutions
  • Up to 250 results/hour, with 40 + on-board chemistries

The system of choice for consistently reliable, high-quality results.

  • Provedn MicroSlide technology sets the standard for superior assay precision
  • Minimal interference from hemolysis, lipemia and bilirubin
  • Fewer repeats, redraws and dilutions than with wet chemistry systems
  • Backed by the company top rated in service and support for over 17 years.

The best checks and balances on any chemistry system

  • Short sample detection/clot detection/bubble detection – ensure accuracy
  • Unique Smart Metering – ensures dependable testing integrity
  • Disposable tips – ensure no carryover
  • Continuous process verification – ensures the right result the first time

Easy to operate

  • No deionized water, no plumbing, no drains
  • Load bar-coded slide cartridges, of any lot number, in one easy step – with no reagent preparation
  • Accepts any size primary/secondary containers or cups
  • Small sample size requirements
  • User-friendly help text is available at all times
  • Biosafe operations with no infectious waste

Reduce your costs. Streamline your workflow

  • Unit-dose test slides provide predictable operating costs
  • Supports multiple slide lots on board at one time for better inventory control
  • Low labor requirements
  • QC once daily/up to 6-month calibration stability for most assays
  • True random-access testing

ORTHO CLINICAL DIAGNOSTICS Vitros 250 Chemistry Analyzer

JOHNSON & JOHNSON Vitros 250 Chemistry Analyzer