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Alto BioMed has proven itself to be a leader in medical sales to Mexico and South America since inception two years ago. We have established a strong platform to be able to assist our customers with a knowledgeable, bilingual meet their needs. We follow the process from start to finish being able to import, ship, crate, warranty, install, offer training on all equipment sold; while providing the highest level of customer service.

Alto BioMed has built a strong customer base in the United States by providing high quality at affordable rates. Alto BioMed is Dotmed Certified and our Ebay rating is 100%.

Alto BioMed’s Medical Sales Department assists with the purchase of equipment while having the expertise to give advice on what equipment best suits the customer’s needs.

Alto BioMed has experienced a growth in sales of over 20% in the past year, due to strong sales through out Mexico and South America. We look forward to serving you in 2011.

Luis Murillo
Alto BioMed